A 6-month postpartum diary

It's been over 6 months since I had my daughter (over 7, actually) and I've been reflecting on my postpartum journey over the past couple of days. Pregnancy and birth (no matter how your child is born) take a massive toll on both your body and your mind, and it takes a pretty long time to get anywhere close to normal again. Here are a few things still going on for me, that I probably wasn't expecting to still be dealing with.

My hair is still falling out

Yup, every time I wash my hair I'm still getting handfuls of hair falling out. My poor husband has to clean the drain every couple of weeks now. When will it end!? I'm pretty blessed in that I have a LOT of hair, so you don't really notice that I'm losing so much, but some days I wonder if I'm going to end up losing it all.

Some days I look a couple of months pregnant

NO, before you ask, I am not pregnant. But some days it looks like I am! With this mum tum I'm rocking, it just takes a bit too much ice cream for me to end up bloated and looking like I'm a couple of months pregnant again. I exercise regularly and try to watch my diet, but I also don't deny myself the finer things in life. Because what good would a flat tummy be to me anyway?

My stretch marks are fading

In the bath with my daughter the other night, she was leaning on my belly and starting with fascination at the jagged pink stripes on my tummy. She caressed them before suddenly burying her face in my belly. It was such a sweet moment, my daughter appreciating my jiggles.

But I noticed when I really looked, that my stretch marks are fading. They're a pale shiny pink now; no longer angry purplish red streaks across my belly. They'll always be my reminder of carrying my precious child, but I do appreciate their newfound subtlety.

I'm back to the PMS life

I didn't expect my period to return as soon as it did, but as soon as my daughter started sleeping through the night, Aunt Flo rocked up again. Which means I'm back to living that PMS life. I don't have any semblance of a regular cycle yet, but I had to do an emergency supermarket dash to buy 'supplies' when it randomly turned up. Been a while!

Those are the things I've noticed about the 6 months postpartum life. What are the things you noticed at this point after having your baby?

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