Cherish Them While They're Little

This blog post was contributed by a loving nana who has been around the block a few times.

Yes, they are demanding.
They cry, they poop.
They have to be fed, burped, changed.
They get sick, they get grumpy.
You are tired, have sleepless nights.
And who said you can sleep while they are sleeping?
You wonder why you opted for this.
Is it worth it?

Then they aren't babies anymore.
They need tummy time, playtime.
Mom and Dad time.
They are holding their bottles themselves.
They are eating different foods.
They are sitting, smiling and 'talking' to you.
You're still tired... of picking up toys and 'little person stuff'.
Washing, playing, on top of everything else.
And you wonder, was it worth it?

As they grow ,they change.
They are developing personalities.
They are learning things.
They are becoming little people.
They are demanding in a different way.
Was it worth it?

And then, when you look again, they're 2.
And then 5 and off to school.
Then off to high school, university, overseas.
Out of your physical reach.
Into lives of their own.

So, cherish them while they are small because time goes by so fast. And then you realise it was worth it after all.

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