Welcome to Motherhood

This blog post was contributed by Stephanie Williams.

Welcome to your new life.

Welcome to cries you don’t know the meaning of. Welcome to endless burping.

Welcome to less sleep. Welcome to no sleep. Welcome to trial and error with everything you do.

Welcome to sore nipples and engorged leaky boobs. Welcome to unquenchable thirst while breastfeeding. Welcome to your body changing and your hair falling out. Welcome to days that “go nowhere”. Welcome to quick showers, and days without washing your hair.

Welcome to forgetting to eat, but not necessarily losing weight. Welcome to never going to the loo alone again. Welcome to scrubbing nappies and boiling bottles. Welcome to rocking and swaying, bouncing and shushing.

Welcome to following the “rule book” and welcome to throwing it out.

Welcome to late night feeds, welcome to all night feeds, welcome to bed sharing so you can get some sleep.Welcome to tepid baths and no “free time". Welcome to doing things you “thought you would never do as a mother”.

Welcome to smiles that melt your heart. Welcome to giggles that make you weak at the knees.

Welcome to pride in the first crawl, sit up, food, words, walk.

Welcome to love. Love that will consume you, scare you, comfort you. The greatest love you will ever feel. This isn’t your typical love story. Motherhood is the raw and unedited version.

Which is what makes it the most beautiful story of all.

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