why mothers need afirmation


Affirmations supply moms with the motivation and optimism necessary to tackle difficult circumstances.

Motherhood is an exhilarating experience

You may only understand the full extent of it once you're in it, but the effort you put into it is sure to pay dividends. The results will make all the hard work so worth it. Obtaining a college degree, having a home birth, creating a flourishing garden, launching a business, and even making dinner at 6 p.m. when you've forgotten to go to the store and your little one is crying - all these endeavours are worth the effort! (Well, except for that last one...)

Every example here has potential issues, tribulations, and stumbles. The only way to succeed is to approach the challenge and encourage yourself, "I can do this!" It's unwise to begin a venture and think, "This was a terrible mistake. I'm a terrible person." Positivity spurs inspiration when times get tough.

Motherhood is no exception-- if you desire the fulfilment of harvesting a salad from your garden, you must labour & trust that it will grow! Similarly, to make your "not-so-great mom days" brilliant, you must switch up your mentality & put forth the effort! Utilizing affirmations is an excellent strategy for handling troubling scenarios with optimism. Like you'd encourage yourself on the way to your degree or business, do it for motherhood!

Replacing bad days with great ones starts with attitude. Change your perspective by fixing your thinking. Rewiring your thinking can be done with affirmations: Saying "This is worth it!" can bring positive results. "I love being a mom" will teach you to love it. Don't lie to yourself—learn to think more affirmatively, and you'll enjoy motherhood!

Affirmations help you to refocus on what matters

They won't let you ignore what's wrong but rather help you see the situation's reality and stay focused on what's important to you. Negative thoughts can often make it more difficult to manage life's struggles; affirmations can help you face them head-on and stay motivated to move forward. Take this quote as an example from an excellent article by Mayo Clinic: "Positive thinking doesn't mean you ignore life's unpleasantness, but rather face it more positively and productively."

Affirmations are emotionally supportive expressions that can help you determine a positive attitude. I know this from my own experience! My thought habits used to be highly damaging, making me unmotivated, mad and anxious. Teaching myself to be optimistic TRANSFORMED my life. When affirming an idea to yourself, you note the truth and focus on what is essential to you. True affirmations are the only ones that will elevate your feelings. It is better, to be honest than lie to yourself. Rather than assuring yourself you did your best after yelling at your kids, a more truthful affirmation would be: "You misplaced your temper today, mama. But you can do better tomorrow." These affirmations motivate you, not permit you to escape responsibility!

Imagine you have a newborn that's struggling to sleep at night. Frustrated and exhausted, you desperately crave a good night's sleep. As your stress rises, you spot the affirmation you wrote and say it aloud: "YOU are the mother your baby needs today." Take a deep breath, and as you repeat this truth to yourself, you reprogram your thought pattern and gain the strength to carry on. That's how you use an affirmation; seeing the success, you win a small battle.

How do you craft affirming words? 

Crafting uplifting phrases for moms involves three fundamental steps:

  • Recognize an issue or struggle.
  • Discern the potential positives.
  • Reinforce results with a positive statement.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Recognize a struggle you're facing. As a mom, I often feel guilty for raising my voice with my kid. It's not the best response, but it is one of my go-to's. Problem: Feeling remorse for yelling.

Step 2. Reframe the problem into a silver lining - Is there an upside to feeling guilty after yelling at my kids? Absolutely! Guilt can be tricky, but it can also be a powerful motivation for improvement. Feeling guilty indicates that I am aware of what needs to change. Being mindful is the very first step to creating better habits! Silver Lining: Guilt = a tool for growth.

Step 3. Transform your detrimental feelings into determination to create a better outcome! Yelling no longer has to make you feel guilty; replace that guilt with a positive attitude! Look how simple it is!

Let's try another.

Step 1. Identify a fear or issue: Many moms worry that devoting so much time to motherhood will lead to "losing themselves"—fear: Fading identity as a parent.

Step 2. Discover the Benevolence Investing time and energy into another individual(s) necessitates compromise, yet that same compromise is the best path to form love. Bottom line: Sacrifice inspires love.

Step 3. Though you may surrender many of your dreams and ambitions to be a mother, you have bestowed your children with the most valuable offering, a loving heart.

Where / When should you use affirmations? 

The most crucial step is to jot down or print your affirmations and keep them visible in your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, phone, water bottle or jewellery! During moments of difficulty, remember to practice reciting the affirmations. Saying optimistic phrases is an excellent form of mental healing. To summarize: use affirmations FREQUENTLY! A self-affirmation necklace will be one of the best to remind yourself constantly.

Summing up: Affirmations are essential for moms as they help them re-centre on the truth, which bolsters, comforts and encourages them to stay positive. Writing affirmations involves figuring out a problem, finding the silver lining and building a supportive statement. Use affirmations FREQUENTLY and embrace optimism! I go through tough days (and always will) and wanted to share my insights to demonstrate that you can modify your thinking and improve your bond with motherhood. It helped me! Have you used affirmations (particularly for moms) in your life?

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