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5 DIY Baby Toys You Can Make at Home

I'm not usually a crafty person, but having a baby has introduced me to a whole new world of fun things we can make! Most of these crafts are simple (I am NOT a crafter, and usually it shows), and you'll only need a few simple resources you should have lying around the house already.

It can be so rewarding when you give your baby a toy you've made and they love it! But do prepare yourself for some mild indifference - sometimes they're just not quite ready to appreciate your work of art!

Sensory bottle

Sensory bottles are an awesome DIY project that your baby will love! All you need is a bottle, glue, water and glitter. I made my sensory bottle following these instructions shared by @zaziplays on Instagram.

All you need are some glitter, some glue, water and a plastic bottle (I'm sure you could use glass too, but it can be heavy for little babies!).

Mine didn't quite get the lovely goopy consistency that @zaziplays got, but I still find this mesmerising! And most importantly, my daughter loves it!

Rainbow sensory bottle (no water)

Staying on the bottle theme, this rainbow sensory bottle is of the dry variety. Even better you can use this one as a musical instrument! All you'll need is a clear plastic bottle, some pompoms, ribbons and some rice to make this fun toy!

I used sparkly pompoms, some large confetti, and some ribbons I had lying around. I also had a few fish tank stones which I popped in to add some sound effects!

Sock bunny

Sock bunnies are an awesome Easter craft, and only need a few materials to make. Even better, there's no sewing required! I love this tutorial, and we made one for Easter this year.

You don't need a fancy sock, but it can be fun to use something bright and colourful if you have one! This was an orphaned sock I got at a conference, and my daughter loved the colours!


This one is very straightforward. All you need is a container (you could use a mint tin, a pill bottle, or any small container that small hands can hold - I used a small travel sized hand sanitiser bottle), and some stuff to put inside! At the time all I had was some sew-on diamante shapes, so I used those. They worked really well and my daughter enjoys shaking her shaker around.

You can use stickers to decorate your container to jazz it up a bit, paint it, or cover it in washi tape. I had a few animal stickers around so they were the order of the day.

Heuristic play treasure basket

Heuristic play is AWESOME, and it is so easy to make a treasure basket for your child to explore. The idea is for the items to be fairly commonplace, and to be a range of textures, colours and weights.

I put together our treasure basket one evening just by hunting around the house for bits and pieces. We continually add to it as we find things that might be interesting, and take out things she might be sick of.

Pictured below I included things like a makeup brush (clean), a wooden bangle, a pastry brush, some wooden toys, a fluffy pompom, a scarf, a hair bun maker, a silicone mould, an egg cosy (the dragon), a baby spoon and a straw. I later removed the straw as my daughter didn't have the control to play with it without poking herself in the eye.



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