I Love Being Your Mama

My baby, I love being your mama

I love the sleepy smiles when I get you out of your bed

I love the way you smush your face into mine when I'm singing to you

I love the way you give me the biggest, sloppiest kisses before bed

My baby, I love being loved by you

I love being your everything, being needed by you

I love it when you settle into my arms, content and safe

I love it when you reach out to me, wanting my cuddles

My baby, I love being your safe place

I love it when you stop crying when I pick you up, that I can comfort you

I love breathing you in when we're snuggling before bed

I love cuddling with you in the mornings, after a long night of being apart

My baby, I love watching you grow

I love it when you master a new skill, and you turn and look to make sure I noticed

I love it when you grin with pride when I cheer you on

I love it when you tackle things head on, regardless of the outcome

My baby, I love your littleness

I love that you still need me sometimes, that I'm the one whose arms you seek

I love that you are the picture of innocence, learning more about the world each day

I love that you smell delicious, and that your toes are the most perfect things I've ever seen

My baby, I've never felt a love so pure

Not only for you, but from you

An unquestioning, unconditional love

It fills my heart to bursting

I love you,

Mama x



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Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand