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Living in chilly Dunedin, I always knew I was going to need to invest in a good quality sleeping bag for my daughter. I choose to keep her cot completely free of blankets, and she has always slept in a sleep sack. This works well for us because she is a super active baby, always wriggling around in her cot. I never have to worry if she's cold when she's in a sleep sack!

I did my homework, reading reviews of all the different sleeping bags out there and compared them on 5 key factors:

  1. Price

  2. Natural materials

  3. Temperature range

  4. Safety

  5. Reputation

Ultimately I decided to buy a Woolbabe duvet weight sleeping bag. Here's why:

Exceptional quality and materials

The duvet weight bag is made of exceptional quality materials, which made me feel confident in my purchase. The outer layer is made of a combination of 30% Australian Merino wool and 70% organic cotton. The duvet filling is 100% Australian wool, and the lining is 100% organic cotton.

I try to use organic and natural fibres as much as possible for my daughter, so this was a pretty big factor for me. I knew the moment I took her sleeping bag out of it's packaging that I'd made the right choice. It just feels like a quality product.

It's also slightly weighted, being filled with wool. I find my daughter sleeps more soundly and wriggles around less than when she sleeps in other sleeping bags.

It's cosy and warm

This was a BIG priority for me when buying a sleeping bag. Living in Dunedin, it gets pretty cold overnight, even in our modern home. I needed something that had a good temperature variation where I could layer underneath.

The duvet weight sleeping bag can be used from 14 - 22 degrees, which is a pretty good temperature range for your average Dunedin home in autumn, winter and spring. In summer we'll be investing in a summer Woolbabe in this gorgeous Tekapo Stars pattern!

Anytime I pick my daughter up after a sleep, you can feel the warmth from the sleeping bag, and it keeps her so cosy. She sleeps so well when she is cosy, and we haven't had any trouble with night time wakes as a result of her being cold the entire time we've been using it.

It'll last a long time

Woolbabe has a price tag to match it's high standards of quality, but it is SO worth it. Most of the sleeping bags can be purchased in a 3 - 24 month size, which means your child will be able to snuggle up in it for a LONG time.

They're mildly hilarious on a baby when they're so long, but you can easily tuck it underneath baby to get the excess fabric out of the way. The length of time for which we'll be able to use it was a counter to the price tag for me.

I loved it so much I bought the PJ suit...

After our sleeping bag arrived I became mildly obsessed, and decided to buy one of the PJ suits for my daughter. We bought this gorgeous PJ suit in 'Dusk' and it is fantastic. It's so incredibly soft, snuggly and comfortable.

The PJ suits are made of 30% merino, 70% organic cotton. This is the perfect amount of merino to help baby regulate their temperature, and means they work well with the sleeping bags for a range of temperatures.

I found that before my daughter was sleeping in her Woolbabe PJ suit she was getting cold arms at night, and I was having to pop two layers on her top half. Our room is usually around 17-18 degrees at night (drops lower on a cold night) and her PJ suit and her sleeping bag are enough to make sure she sleeps cosily all night long.

If you've been looking for a sleeping bag for your little one, I'd really recommend you invest in a Woolbabe. I guarantee you won't regret it!

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